Tuesday, August 18, 2009

phoney gonna get er

730 bouquiniste, 830 smart lady, 930 sweat. my smart lady has figured it all out, and i can't say i'm pleased. apparently i'm a phoney. i already knew. playing tricks on the ones who love me, making gifts for the ones who don't. apparently tom is one who don't. but i'm praying for us to evolve or for my smart lady to be wrong.

i have reduced to the level of jarred minced garlic. i can't stand the smell of secondhand garlic under fingernails next day,

two angels are at war, it aint very good.
sophia's gonna put her diamond on.
i'm gonna take a gift for tom's mother.
then i'm goinna put on this terribly over the top nighty.

Monday, August 17, 2009


hello world, alot has happened mind you. i have become a firefly in a jar, shooting off this gentle glare. tom has become cross with me because i use sex as a way to feel close with him. this confuses me and what i'm really wondering is, is that just? i know i use it, but the thing is, it's use it or lose it. there is no other way in times like these.

my friend saint charles says my friend sophia would make a cute skeleton, and i can see her point. we were nude together yesterday, rubbing vanilla and orange blossom oil onto eachothers backs and butts. 'butt time' we called it. we love eachother, and it is true.

a lady that i admire/think is beautiful has written a book. it is more enigmatic than i could ever imagine. i can't believe it. i want to ask her for dinner, but i'm nervous. she is the kind of lady who you love from across the street/room. but it is flexible.

on the weekend i snowballed tom. he came in my mouth and then i french kissed him and we shared the jus. he didn't like it. he looked stricken, so i let him give it back to me after a while and then i drank it. he didn't like it. somehow i thought it would be terribly intimate, but all it was was wrong.

i have to wonder sometimes whether the whole thing isn't wrong.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

martian enough

it is hard to know what to say in these times. i am, dare i say it, lonely; terribly lonely. today after making love quite tenderly indeed, i said 'hey...i love you' to tom. 'i love you too' he said. and i said thank you afterward, which i regret. but i was grateful. 

i've realized that i can't possibly believe any declaration of love unless it is unceasing, tireless. i've realized that it is like rote learning. repeating lines over and over until they cannot be forgot. 

my martian is cross with me. i am cross with my martian. i love her. and yet she doesn't permit me to behave thus. when i punched tom, i was desperate for someone to love me enough, to say 'that was naughty' and so i thought, i should love my martian enough, to say, what you're doing is naughty'. she didnt think so.

i don't know what is enough really, it never is enough, and then it is too much.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

tired/true of heart

thank goodness, for a moment all was lost. i am feeling new things with tom. obviously fear, neglect, lust, fear. since i punched him i have been petrified. of my self. it is all new now, it is all new from here. it is all new post rebirth. since i haven't the faintest what i could do, i haven' t the faintest what i am like.

we are still going to the island. i am petrified of that also. i was mopey today, i said take me to bed tom. i was crying. i said i want to feel close to you tom. he said it was the wrong reason, but i didnt think so. i took off all my clothes, and then he yelled at me. i started; mortified. quickly i scooped up my clothes and ran to the bathroom. he knocked, can you let me in. go away i said. he wouldnt let me leave. he's strange how he does that, snaps, and then quite literally fills with remorse. i suppose it means he has a temper too. at least we are both wild fires. it helps i suppose, wild fires, and tired, true of heart as dave eggers might say.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

broke my camel's back

so i did it. i snapped. tom was too foreign, and i couldn't bare it, i hit him quite roughly, slapped him across the face quite hard, fell to the floor, kicking his legs. afterwards i couldn't believe it, had begged his forgiveness, i'm so terribly sorry, oh your face, your beautiful face, what happened i lost my mind... that sort of thing.

now he has gone, presumably to get dinner, but it has been a long time. perhaps he's doing a runner. but i'm in his home, so it seems unlikely. 

if i could only get better. if i could only try to trust myself, i'm desperately afraid of my memory. 

i finally did it, broke my camel's back. and i have never been so ashamed. 

Sunday, May 10, 2009

love in love

he's taking me to an island. i feel fictional, a poof of a girl, a whisp of a thing. incidentally, i couldn't stand it if someone did me a character assassination. yet i assassinate all the while. tom. i assassinated him last night. i was lurid/hyper with grief. he doesn't want me around. it's heartbreaking, but i just had to know it, i asked him, don't you love me at all? i mean don't you ever look at me and think 'oo, i love her'? yes, he said. i said: tom, its possible i'm not in love with you either, but i do love you very much. i think if you love me at all you should tell me. the telling is imperative.

i love you. he whispered. i really do.

again; a poof of a girl, literally a whisp, literally a ghost. a moment of pure just heaven.
thank you so much i whispered. thank you so much. i kept saying it. thank you so much. and obviously, i love you too.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

frenzy/slut folder

what's interesting is that i am either all things or none. ecstatic or murderous. i'm not too worried. tom bought me seven tiny coloured presents, tiny tiny knickers. what i'm really wondering is how he can't see how actually horrid they look on me. i mean they aren't proportional at all. but he was very swollen, so i just let him have it.

the other night after dinner i wanted a naughty dessert pour le corps (my corps), he said no i have things to do and i said okay, eventually. it was fine. i'm not crazy like i was. but i found a folder accidentally on his computer called 'sluts'. images of women with truly hideous jewel boxes, and truly hideous faces. all the images filed on the night of the dinner. i mean everyone looks at porn, i mean i do it all the time. but he cuts me. i've got things to do, i've got to go compile a file of whore pictures.

he cuts me. but i'm not crazy like i was. i'm on the pills. the anti crazy. the neutralizers. the nothing makers.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

bi polar

hello all i am little bit bi polar. i am very unreasonable. push people to end of tether. breaking point. camel's back. i push people to camel's back. it is compulsive though you wouldn't know it. i write 'i'm sorry forgive me' love from handful. that's my nickname; handful.

peeping tom has the most divine penis. we have become very fond of each other. at least i hope it's mutual, of course it is. he is so tough sometimes. but he is awake which is a miracle.

tom has made some rules, which scare the willies out of me, it all ends with rules, it all begins to end with rules. i hate it. i hate him sometimes. the opposite of love is indifference. the opposite of love is indifference. the opposite of love is laying in this bed reading this book that i have read three other times and waiting until i can't stand him any longer.

oh lord. don't let me be misunderstood. i'm just a soul who's intentions are good...but am i? i am little bit bi polar after all.

Monday, February 23, 2009


the word of the week is abstinence. it's difficult. keeping clear of loved ones, lovers, luxuries, and lunacy, hopefully. after a long hike yesterday i came home to two-fruits for dinner, alain de botton for the bedtime lullaby, four extra pillows for comfort. in the name of what? weakness to be sure. kicking the habit of necessity.
after all is said and done however, the morning after goes thus: naughty french toast with butterscotch sauce. alone in the home for some hours before some pigeon wees on my shoulder, payback for the toast i think. i don't know what i ever did.
tom is tetchy/taut/transparent. all i hope for is to end up like alice, miraculously cured somehow of the need to devote. miraculously cured somehow of the lovesickness.
i'll begin the collectathon, little vials of sperm, little vials of insect. it'll prove worthy somehow.
let it all be as it should. for no longer i long for the unlikely. i haven't the strength for it any longer.

Monday, February 16, 2009

val's day

valentines day. i gave to my love (tom) a blue stegosaurus and a magnet(boy and girl riding big hare). i put this collar on dinosaur reading 'be my valentine?', the purpose of its brevity no less to inspire ease than to feign my own easy nonchalance. tom's gift was traditional, flowers in melbourne, flowers in brisbane, cheeky black nighties, his card read 'my dearest, come home soon, miss you'. he didn say love you, as expected etc, as promised, he didnt say it. he said other beauties, but the absence of the declaration ultimate is exacerbated isnt it, on this putrid awkward day.
we made love (fucked to be sure) i cant come easily these days because i'm absolutely dying of thirst, and i can hardly walk to fetch a drink.

regardless, valentines day aside (the fucker), i am renewed, spritely and saucy as it were, i'm starving too. its all starvation in a way isn't it.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

(not) seamless

king of my heart
(my honey)
if it is possible
you are more golden
you are more golden than possibility
you are the possibility of gold
you are forever young
forever new, forever.
it is like piecing together a gist of you
only to find a new gist every time
we are harmonious siblings i should say,
we are fair harmonious.
keepers of the nigh,
my nigh your nigh.
but the scarf around my neck?
i know what you mean,
but its just to cover the seam,
i am not seamless,
thought i like to pretend i am,
(not) seamless
seem seamless.