Saturday, February 13, 2010

?lady chatterley's loverstory of okama sutramy secret life?
blogspot goes crazy in the style of late night sunday by the power to troppo di vino and troppo di return button. what ensues however is a something quite housebound, humourful, and potently fortified. thank you blogspot.

Friday, February 12, 2010


lady chatterley's lover
story of o
kama sutra
my secret life

delta of venus
tropic of capricorn
tropic of cancer
fanny hill
story of the eye
120 days of sodom
torture garden
bride stripped bare
diary of a chambermaid

searching for the important canonical works, what i'm really finding is that, amazingly, they were a modest cohort, modestly immodest.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

the gols rosey complexion suggests immortality, and behaves thus. the gols ghost rose up as aforetomentioned, and peeper was repentant. gol forgave as gol always does, peeper renegged as peeper always does. Gol is now assuming habitat inside the lumpy stained nest of mrs m. hubbard, during the reprieve. What gol really wonders is what all the reasons were. the outline is vague, the colouring vaguer still. All that tends to happen is that gol more and more frequently falls from nest to nest. Gol misses peeper badly. It is the nature of gol's ghost, to mourne her reeper. It is nature.