Monday, June 7, 2010


the peeper and i will go to a swingers club on saturday. we are interested in watching a couple make love. different to porn. unlike being the voyeur to one's auto-eroticising partner. unlike being the voyeur to one's self auto eroticising. watching. no touching. no talking. no breathing.
we are going to a place for couples. a full blown sex club. i very much doubt it will be of the calibre glimpsed in say anais's Clichy, however, the novelty of being a sex club virgin will surely make up for the venue's lack of class!
i think it is the beginning of something. the beginning of a beautiful friendship. believe you me, it is not the first time i have thought it. tom is vague, fey about it. i suspect he is either thrilled or disgusted, neither of which particularly bother me. but all i hope is that i'm not disgusted. tis the last thing i expect to be, and i expect to be many things.
until next time, i remain yours faithfully,

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