Monday, June 14, 2010


if i can get this right, 135million women worldwide are living today with the consequences of female genital mutilation, not to mention the millions of little women enduring procedures in this very moment. a sapling hedonist, i cannot imagine life without a clitoris. cannot imagine having my rosebud sawn off with a razor blade in a dusty paddock, while my mother/sisters/aunties/grandmothers sit on me. can you?

the perpetrators consider that it can be a kind of chastity belt, insofar as to say that the girls are neutered and restitched such that the vaginal opening is taut to the size of a five cent piece (at most) ensuring that any premarital promiscuities are documented in the inevitable tearing of such a tiny orifice. stories abound that the new vagina is barely large enough to piddle through whereby the contents of the bladder sieve through the opening as though an ocean through a nostril.

a french OBGYN and sexual trauma councellor is now building a hospital in west africa to !reverse! the circumcision and resensitise the 'prosthetic' clitoris. the service is free (thank god as the fee would be equivilent to two years wage for some women). incredibly, if you want to help, you can by ADOPTING A CLITORIS!

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