Thursday, November 6, 2008

noble sperm and egg

this is where it's at. i'm not wearing a bra. i want to put poo in a cake. to be more specific i want to put dry dog poo in a cupcake (pink). i had dinner with my stepmother. we talked about menopause.

to say it plainly, i think i am insatiable. also, i am incapable.

also. i have this terrible fear.
also. i want to take a vacation in tom's underarm.
also. i want to ignore tom.
also. i want to starve.

to say it plainly. i'm a mess. but to say it plainly also, it already knew it.
where is tom?
the fucker.
i nearly fainted the other day. tom had just crunched my neck.
i actually have a friend called tom. he's a pet or angel. either way, i think he'd be alarmed to know that i use his name as a psuedonym for my lover.

i am just a sperm and an egg. it pays to remember it. i'm just a sperm and egg. noble sperm, noble egg. doing their job. loving eachother. noble sperm and egg.

1 comment:

girl/martian said...

dear careful.
is this a good thing? the poo?
feeling your messiness.
thinking you immeasurably.
love xx
ps lope dispatched