Tuesday, September 23, 2008

untitled (for marion)

i don't know what this is like. i just had a frosty fruit because it feels like summer in the start of spring, and there's a wet dog smell. the jar i bought has got some dried stuff in, like quandongs (actually fifty bucks per kilo, but free where only i know where) and a dry moth, a couple of berries from the coffee/chocolate bush, some dried babybreath, and an origami star that says 'cunt' in pink pen.

the other thing is i have this friend who might be a lover/girl/mouse/martian, but maybe she'll see my terrible prose and feel compelled to contribute her terrific prose. it delights, like wagging school, or my lover's black underarm hair, or thinking about breakfast.

it's my most devious pleasure at the moment to wear really long skirts and no knickers. probably because the breeze is nice. but more probably because i'm waiting for my peeping tom.

i've got to go and be with peeping tom. i'm tom's fool, and it's something of a delight.

ps: marion i love you.

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